Bilderberger Biden Orders Blinken to Have UN Mop Up USA

Bilderberger Biden has all the NWOs … king’s horses and all the Kings men in a rush to abolish America. Including “Tracking” and Priority Medicine (Culling).
The UN, The Lobbyists/ Multi-Nationals, The Blackmailers (from Jim Jones / Jeffery Epstein / Maxwell / Ed Buck), Foreign Intelligence Assets, Foundations Funded Marxists and Communists, The NEA, the NWO Republican and Democrats belonging to a variety of of K Street Lobbys and Think Tanks.
Please “Make Copies” and a hard file / Forward to people who represent you and law enforcement … the data is highly censored by the Media Monopoly.

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Red China / Secret Societies

Globalist Secret Society Eric Swalwell / Red California Red China Network
Rep. Eric Swalwell spoke at an event in 2013 along with a former staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein who is said to have spied for the Chinese government … Russell Lowe as recent speaker at the University of California Santa Cruz.

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