Attorney Leon Panetta is eminently qualified to head the Central Intelligence Agency. Who better than Panetta would be better qualified to sell out our sovereignty and surrender  the United States of America to World Government?

Mondale on stage with John Kerry (Skull & Bones)

Nelson Rockefeller expressing himself with “the finger”

Leon Panetta’s life has been devoted … not the  USA but to the United Nations. He has been a “fanatic” for “world government” and a Hitlerian New World Order. Leon Panetta devoted himself to the election of Nelson Rockefeller who had written the Future of Federalism In which Rockefeller writes …”I think the answer is some free-world super-national being with the power to tax …”  

While Panetta worked for Nelson Rockefeller in California … it was mass murderer Ted Bundy who was Nelson Rockefeller’s point man in Seattle.

Leon Panetta worked for Mayor John Linday (Scroll & Key Yale) read America’s Secret Establishment. Lindsay went to Saint Paul’s School. Lindsay was a member of the CFR … so Leon Panetta was right at home the “destroy American Sovereignty crowd”.

Lindsay’s school is part of the Ten Schools Admission Organization a recruiting ground for the administrators of the New World Order.  Saint Paul’s School  include J. P Morgan Jr.,  Vanderbilts, future Skull & Bones members, Kennedys and J. Peter Grace son of the incorporator of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Panetta has been co-opted from the beginning by the super rich and the “international community… Whole of His Life.

Their goals are his goals.   

Today, Leon is chair of the Pew Commission on Oceans, this smiling lawyer is the plausible “local” face to impose Rockefeller United Nations plans. The “harmonization” of local communities using Agenda 21 in preparation of the North American Union was prepped by the (SSP) Security and Prosperity Partnership .

This designed to be implemented after the present on going murder of the USA.

It was the Rockefeller’s who donated the very land the UN headquarters sits on. 

Rockefeller builds UN for his plan of World Domination by Elite Cadre (CFR) over the ashes of national sovereignty

Panetta is whoring out lady liberty … to the highest bidders in the international banking cartel.

Obama is the bankster’s boy and Panetta is the perfect choice … he has always been on his knees before the International bankstersPanetta and Obama are not there to simply shine their shoes.  Panetta is not just another political pimp along the Potomac.  

On the Pew Commission  David Rockefeller III is vice chairman. Panetta and Rockefeller are blood brothers … better put blood suckers. They have their fangs sunk deep into the throat of the nation. They want to turn the oceans over to the UN agencies .. so their world government can control 71 % of the Earth’s surface.  and they can collect the tolls.

Panetta has been using his minion Congressman Sam Farr to impose the United Nations Agenda 21 throughout the central California region. Farr (flies the UN flag at his Congressional Office) in anticipation of overseeing a region of the North American Union. When that happens he will no longer have to run for office but merely be appointed.  

America’s murder is taking place before our eyes. The currency is being purposely corrupted and the middle class destroyed … nearly everything is in place.

Early in his “political life” Panetta enthusiastically joined the anti-Sovereignty organization Peace Through Law (PTL). It’s origins lead to the CIA.

Lapel pin with the logo of the United World Federalists

World Peace Through Law was formed to pave the way for the “World Court” and “World Government” by advocating the repeal of the Connally Amendment.  WPTL produced the film War Without Winners directed by Haskell Wexler. Wexler also produced a Marxist propaganda film for the terrorist Weather Underground Organization (Kathy Boudin … FBI most wanted list … bomb making). Don’t think for a moment that Panetta is wading waist deep in  kimchee.  

We find a paragraph in Dr. Anthony Sutton’s book American’s Secret Establishment (p 49 and 50) “ In, brief, we have the elements of a hypothesis that left wing activity in the US, down to bomb making and outright terrorism, may link to Covington and Burling … and the CIA. This is not a new assertion. Statements have been made before that the CIA has funded the left in the U.S.”  (read this for yourself)

The appointment of Panetta pretty much guarantees that we will see another  911 “event”.

William P Bundy (Skull & Bones)

Former head of the CIA came from the law firm Covington and Burling …  William P Bundy (Skull & Bones) .   William Bundy just happened to be editor of Foreign Affairs the publication of the Council on Foreign Relations headed by David Rockefeller for decades. 

Just as William Bundy was a political pimp for the Rockefellers so is Leon Panetta. Nice to have a your pimps run the CIA and run interference with the coup d etat taking place right now.

Kathy Boudin’s brother Michael Boudin is a partner in Covington and BurlingKathy was founder of the Students for Democratic Action (provided riots at Democratic Convention). This was called days of rage and also she worked with the Black Liberation Army. Their father Leonard Boudin was a member of the National Lawyer’s Guild (foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party) plus a dozen Communist fronts and was an attorney for Fidel Castro.

President George H. .W. Bush (Skull & Bones) appointed Michael Boudin to the US District Court in the District of Columbia in 1990.   

So Panetta’s world government group … WPTL used the same propagandist for the terrorist Weather Underground …”film maker” Haskell Wexler. 

Panetta’s group had on their “steering committee” w Robert Drinan wrote …”Lawyers should be compelled to work for …world government”. Drinan was the “honorary” chair of the United World Federalists (UWF).

The United World Federalists was headed by former CIA Cord Meyer (Scroll & Key … Yale). He married Mary Pinchot ... daughter of Amos Pinchot (Skull & Bones).  The FBI considered Meyer a security risk and refused to give him a “clearance”.

Mary Pinchot was murdered and there has been no “solution” as to who killed her

Meyer was in charge of Operation Mockingbird making the newspapers submit to the CIA and in effect become agents of “national policy” or much more accurately … policies designed to pave the way for a world government.    Mary Pinchot was murdered and there has been no “solution” as to who killed her. 

E Howard Hunt’s son said that in his dying father’s confession … his father accused Cord Meyer as a key person in the assassination of President Kennedy.   

May 29th, 1919 Amos Pinchot (Skull & Bones) wrote a letter to lift the blockade against the Soviets. (documented and viewable in America’s Secret Establishment hyperlink above)

Picture Kennedy with Mary Pinchot on the right both murdered.

Leon Panetta in addition to world government …has a fascination with “Communism”.  Leon signed a proclamation honoring Hugh DeLacy. The California legislature reported that DeLacy …”devoted virtually all his time to the operation of Communist front operations and spreading Communist propaganda .” 

Panetta’s hero DeLacy… had ties with at least two Soviet spies Agnes Smedley (Sorge) and Guenther Stein.  DeLacy was invited to Communist China in 1975  and attended Daniel Ortega inauguration in Nicaragua … and when he died left his tools to that communist nation.

Panetta also “honored” a Communist organizer from Colorado …. Dorothy Baskin. Joining Panetta during this event was Dan Bessie who taught Marxism at 4402 Melrose in LA and was part of the Fair Play for Cuba network. Remember .. it was Leonard Boudin who was an attorney for Fidel Castro. The father of Dan Bessie was Alvah Bessie who’s name is among a … “very accurate list … whose purpose” … was to  “set up an espionage system … helping Soviet Russia …” according to government reports.

One must realize that … “Communism is not a movement of the people overthrowing the banking establishment but the banking establishment enslaving the people.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 5.49.21 PM

Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, and Linda Panetta (not Leon related)

Hugh DeLacy attended Communist Daniel Ortega’s inauguration in Nicaragua. Ortega is seen to the left of Hugo Chavez. When DeLacy died he left his “tools” to that Communist state.

Leon Panetta (Rockefeller protected) and Gary Patton (Packard protected) “proclaimed their “love” and “solidarity” to Marxist DeLacy at an event at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz California. Many people naturally assumed that Linda Panetta (not Leon’s daughter) was a chip off the old block (Leon).

That would be a good guess but they would be wrong … it is worse than that.

Is Leon Panetta … today’s Alger Hiss?  Alger Hiss was a Soviet spy. He brought 43 members from the Council on Foreign Relations to SF to the UN’s organizational conference in 1945.

(Far Right) Alger Hiss (CFR) first acting Secretary General of the United Nations SF

Ideologically … Alger Hiss and Leon Panetta are peas in the same political pod.  Hiss’s goal then  … is as …  Panetta’s goal now … world government. 

Leon Panetta (Rockefeller protected) and Gary Patton (Packard protected) “proclaimed their “love” and “solidarity” to DeLacy at an event at the Louden Nelson Center in Santa Cruz California.  

Obama’s appointment of Panetta to head up the Central Intelligence Agency is tantamount appointing Al Capone to head the Chicago police department. 

He is into a position where he can provoke war with the Persians … that should scare the hell out of anyone who understands how the Hegelian game of politics is played. .  

Has any administrations appointment been so egregious to the interests of the United States?  

World government can only be locked in by world war … you can bet Panetta will be working for the creation of a middle east massacre by provoking an incident with Iran.  

Panetta is the mortician for America. The Illuminati imbedded in the international community is calling the shots and will determine whether America’s corpse will be cremated or allowed to rot.   

And it is up to you … if you are going to let your family swallow the “kool aid” laced with Comu-Nazism

Read the free download of the suppressed book Rockefeller File by Gary Allen …