Anthony J. Hilder… Memorial

Anthony J. Hilder’s life came to an end.
Anthony carried the torch of truth from Myron Fagan, Nesta Webster, Dr Anthony Sutton, Charlotte Iserbyt.
His direct challenges, understanding and using multiple ways to get around censorship and staying alive.
Much more will be written.
I suggest you look up several of his You Tubes and his insight with the use of media. Read his Free World Manifesto.

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“Roots” of the Problem / History Revision

In December 2018 The New American Magazine had a review of a book on William Howard Taft.

The title in the review suggested that Wm. H. Taft was a Constitutional man.

The review left out that Taft was at the center of the “HUB of the Conspiracy.”

After the Spanish American War … Wm H. Taft was governor of Cuba and the Philippines via appointments due to his father position as Secretary of War. The war was created by False Flag explosion of the battleship Maine in the Cuban Harbor.

Wm. H. Taft’s father Alphonso Taft was co-founder of Skull & Bones … aka The Brotherhood of Death.

William Howard Taft (in his spare time) headed the Unitarian Association.

Venona Code Papers show that KGB Armand Hammer … supporter of Al Gore and Ronald Reagan was an Soviet Spy.

Hammer hung out at the Santa Monica Unitarian Church. Jane Fonda / Tom Hayden and a score of identified Spies and domestic Communist were part of Stephen S. Fritchman’s L.A. Unitarian Church.

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Active American Coup D’Etat / Civil War / Western States

National and Local Governments are operating from orders of the Globalists.
The World Bank and the United Nations … operate in virtually every community under various facades … using the network ICLEI.
COGS … Councils of Government are in fact a systematic quilt of Soviets spread across the Country … and World.
The myriad of Foundations, Academia, and NGO ‘s have been brainwashing and bribing leaders throughout communications, churches, service clubs and stealthy by intelligence Operations like Google / Facebook NextDoor .
Censorship is extreme.
In the data provided … one must know … Jessup and Brugmann … were instrumentalist in creating the Soviets.
The Globalists fired the first shots … the deadly war is on. Expose and Challenge . Without a border you have no sovereignty. Take the liars on.
It’s the fight of you life.

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United Republican of California / Riots / Antidote

In the 1960s planned riots were blueprinted after the JFK assassination. The second United Nations action (after Korea) … Vietnam was dividing the nation.
MK Ultra … Operation Mockingbird had pushed propaganda to new limits designed to destroy family permeated Hollywood, the media and the National Education Association. Universities were openly selling Marxism. and existed as a forum for Fabian Socialists and Communists.
The skull & bones Coffins, McGeorge Bundy, et al were working both sides of the political spectrum.
We were tricked by Reagan’s “makeover”. Reagan was not a “convert” … he was a “covert”. Here we bought his brilliant expertly delivered rhetoric.
Reagan was fooled many of us and was true to his handler Cord Meyer / Rockefeller / G. H. W. / Bush / GE / Deep State / United World Federalists.
But our action including this (Tabloid) of … mass education … halted the planned civil war and it’s goal … Martial Law.
This all out action needs to be replicated today. If you are ready to FIGHT for Freedom. Reach out to Gary Richard Arnold.
Operation Mockingbird

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This site is not only to identify as many political, economic and ideological pieces on this chessboard of the world… but to show one how the various pieces move.

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