Skull & Bones membership list bigger than Purple and Engima Codes

Researchers, historians, statesmen, intelligence agencies still loyal to their countries, citizens who believe in the individual now have the list of conspirators to grab onto and expose.
Not every one who was inducted and took the satanic oaths … spend the rest of their lives aggregating power for the “Insiders” goal of a world government.
But a a simple review … of the facts will smarten up a person of average IQ …to see that his freedom and even his live is currently at risk as the culmination of two centuries … of manipulating people is about to end … in a deadly culling tyranny … that makes Pol Pot look like a an inapt killer.

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Espionage Agent Leon Panetta

There is little difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.  Republicans can eliminate some incumbents by defeating members who belong to Nelson Rockefeller’s Ripon Society. Democrats have a little harder time.
Party bossism … prevents the people from getting represented.
It is the International Community that gets the action and the people are conned election after election.
Communism is not the people overthrowing the Banking Establishment … Communism is a tool of the banking establishment used to control and cull the people. 
It is happening here and now. 
Why has your Party leaders and the Newspapers kept you from knowing about Panettagate. 

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Gary Richard Arnold

This site is not only to identify as many political, economic and ideological pieces on this chessboard of the world… but to show one how the various pieces move.

By knowing their origins, funding, sometimes “takeover” and neutralization allows a person striving for freedom to become a player in your own destiny.