United Republican of California / Riots / Antidote

In the 1960s planned riots were blueprinted after the JFK assassination. The second United Nations action (after Korea) … Vietnam was dividing the nation.
MK Ultra … Operation Mockingbird had pushed propaganda to new limits designed to destroy family permeated Hollywood, the media and the National Education Association. Universities were openly selling Marxism. and existed as a forum for Fabian Socialists and Communists.
The skull & bones Coffins, McGeorge Bundy, et al were working both sides of the political spectrum.
We were tricked by Reagan’s “makeover”. Reagan was not a “convert” … he was a “covert”. Here we bought his brilliant expertly delivered rhetoric.
Reagan was fooled many of us and was true to his handler Cord Meyer / Rockefeller / G. H. W. / Bush / GE / Deep State / United World Federalists.
But our action including this (Tabloid) of … mass education … halted the planned civil war and it’s goal … Martial Law.
This all out action needs to be replicated today. If you are ready to FIGHT for Freedom. Reach out to Gary Richard Arnold.
Operation Mockingbird

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Free World Manifesto Part 1

Use this deliberate document and you will put terror into the hearts of dictators and goose stepping totalitarians around the world. This plan extinguishes the Marxists lies and makes effete the wealthy men that use the naive to kill their competition.
This is the beginning of a growing renaissance of choice, freedom and ideas. This is a fountainhead , a mainspring for action. This is the antidote to the organized evil promoted since May 1, 1776 in Bavaria.
I encourage your response with the alacrity, daring and spirit that first combined to win our freedom a little over two hundred  years ago. It is for you to relentlessly pursue and regain choice for the individual. It is for you to harass these totalitarians into retreat and defeat.
June 1983

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Anatomy to Take Out Trump

The Country needs to track the basics. Understand the purpose and people in the Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission.
You need extinguish ignorance of all of us.Family and Friends.
The same is true regarding the Secret Socities starting with Skull  & Bones.
Through their foundations and fronts are planning a dictatorship outlined in the book Phillip Dru Administrator.

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Federal Reserve Vault Broken Open

Central Banks have been running the World in a documented way for several hundred years.
Biblical distillation … of right and wrong … is found by Jesus turning over the tables.
As sophisticated propaganda is working  with intensity … to “blank out” … the connections of the Central Bankers to our very lives.
A Dumb Down … Slavish Mentality.
Here is your chance … to be conversant in the “Forbidden Discussion” … in so doing cut the cords binding your minds and freedom.

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Gary Richard Arnold runs for President

1984 … was Orwellian.
Ronald Wilson Reagan brought into his administration more people from the Council on Foreign Relations than any time before. Edwin Meese ( a Never Trumper) had 4 times the CFR members than Jimmy Carter had in his cabinet in just in Meese’s presidential transition committee.
Reagan reeled in the Trotskites, and his fellow members of the Americans for Democratic Action.  Reagan rewarded his KGB backer Armand Hammer with special contracts in China and Libya.
Meese,  Fareed Zakaria like many Skull & Bones men had headed the Yale Political Union.  David Boran, Bush, Kerry, Bundy,  Buckley etc.
The Arnold Campaign was able to wedge information about the “deep state” to another 100, million people. During the time most “Conservatives/ Libertarians” remained afraid … of their lose of reputation for telling the TRUTH.
Reagan was never “Right” … George H. W. Bush was in charge and the Middle East wars were the “crucible for the NWO.”
You can read what a lot of uninformed Republicans falsely believe. And more unfortunately … Conservative / Libertarian Organizations who continue to push Reagan ( the Trojan Horse ) on the public condemning them to a future of ignorance and inability to strategize against the “Conspiracy”.

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