Carolinas Going Squishy and Globalist

Disgraceful TV and Radio Commentators … never bring up the half Century old Ripon Society.
It was founded the day JFK was murdered. It was designed to be a vehicle for Nelson Rockefeller’s presidency.
The closest Nelson Rockefeller got … was being appointed by Bilderberger Gerald Ford to Vice President.
But his Deadly network of Globalists … is never brought up by so-called conservative talk jocks.
It still exists. And is why we have “OPEN BORDERS”.
It has earlier roots … Republican Advance … but it is enough to know … that if you want World Government
Congressman Tom Rice and U.S. Senators Tom Tillis Richard Burr might just as well be honest and become Democrats.

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Secret Societies / Foreign Spies Attempting Coup

While the multi-nationals prepare for war against the American people most folks are distracted.
Back off the Left Right food fight. Enemies are embedded on both sides.
One must understand … the goals.
Georgia Guides Stone Protocols ..
Disarmament of the people … ending the 2nd Amendment.
Neutralizing the people by … sensationalism and promotion of perversion and Blackmail by the Deep State.

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Satanic Goals of of America’s Controlled Religions 1942 -2020

John Foster Dulles / Eleanor Roosevelt / John Marshall
Even well-meaning people on the Right … slam Senator Joseph McCarthy.
One will sacrifice the history from 1940 to 1960 by not reading Senator Joe McCarthy’s book America’s Retreat From Victory.
Today … it is still a free download.
Save it to a hard drive.
Read None Dare Call It Conspiracy a number of people say they can read it in one L O N G D A Y.
For many people it breaks the trance!
The Skull & Bones Henry Luce Time Magazine … reported … the goal and blueprint of the central banks and secret societies in their Nov 16. 1942 article.
Just as today … Time Magazine features Greta Thunberg … like “Rosemary’s Baby” … the One Eye Cult.

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CIA / Phony Republicans – Mainstream Republicans

CIA / Phony Republicans … Mainstream RepublicansCIA / Phony Republicans … Mainstream Republicans
Founders of Globalist Big Government Moderate Republicans are related to Skull & Bones. These pretenders or conned Candidates are Bound by the Beltway.
Mainstream Republicans … sounds like something to shrink the prostrate.
They ignore the Constitution and answer to “K Street” , Embassy Row, the Foundations and the Chamber of Commerce.
Don’t you be fooled.
Let them know you know! Read ON!

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G. Edward Griffin … Why Not the Truth

I’ve been selling G. Edward Griffin’s books since the 1966.
Showing his films a hundred times.. Check out Anarchy USA … Free Download.;_ylt=Awr9IlADusNdy10ACg1pCWVH;_ylu=X3oDMTB0NjZjZzZhBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?q=anarchy+usa+movie+griffin&s_it=searchtabs&v_t=loki-tb-sb#id=5&vid=85f41f7076940f23c6e20d2bd38c0874&action=view
We all have different takes of the World as we see it.
Ronald Reagan was a life time apparatchik. Read The Politician as a break from the World Government propaganda “line”. Free Download !

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