Who Runs America’s SS

The repeated lies and massive censorship by the media is nothing less than pre-violent revolution. The same carried out in China under the Cultural Revolution,
And as Mao said … power comes out of the barrel of a gun.
That is why the frantic moves to destroy the Second Amendment.
That is why you need to exercise your rights.
The First Amendment is being extinguished daily. The intentions are clear.
An invasion permitted over the border … elimination of free speech … neutralizers selling “Globolony” … no stop lies and disinformation … Schools and churches run by extensions and apparatchiks from the private Council on Foreign Relations.

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Cities & Counties Instruments of Global Government

Decades ago … the Panetta Machine was accused of imposing a CommuNazi … order to California’s Central Coast.
Composed of the Trilateral Commission and the underground Communist Party.
Systematic control or neutralization of all media, political parties, churches, service clubs, school boards, non-profits was set.
Foundation funded and interns, fellowships, training camps, cruises, Delphi Operations were a constant formula.
The urban and city manager … institutions have a long history rooted in central banks, in controlling human behavior.
The primary mainsprings were the two dozen or so “professional groupings of government participants (brainwashed into Globalism) emanating from the University of Chicago financed by “Red” Marshall Field and “Capitalist John Rockefeller.
The following article is important for one’s orientation of how the world works … the scam of how cities and counties are now Soviets sold as Self-Government.
It’s time to get the boot off our collective face.

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Two Secret Societies / Two World Wars / John Kerry

Americans have been leveraged into following leaders … under control of the robber barons and central banks.
Secret Societies from the Middle ages and nest of ” believers of one sort of another manipulated their own and used them to “conquer others for their leaders.
The Illuminati, psychological expertise, technology, has brought Banksters, those seeking power to rule the world have continued to miss their time table.
They have pulled the trigger. Chinese style brainwashing (Little Red Book), scientific Dumbing Down …(Get the Book) and Culling the planet and destroying human reproduction.
And you are letting your families put up with … This Crazy.
It’s time for you to grow up and face reality
Reject … Nurse Ratchet … is killing you and your family. Don’t be a dope or be Dead.

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Eric Schmidt / Lavrentiy Beria

Eric Schmidt has all the charm of Lavrentia Beria head of the Soviet Secret Police. Eric Schmidt lives outside the culture and morals of almost every community in America. His behavior and smugness is that of Communist and Right Wing Dictators who believe they are not only above the law … but can punish those he doesn’t like with arbitrary enforcing (made-up criminal codes and economic judgments) that violate Constitutional Rights of Rights of people in the US and other nations that recognize individuals.
Googles motto of “Do no Wrong” was dropped about 2015.
Subsidiaries can now adopt codes that go with ones’ culture. Eric Schmidt has no problem enhancing dictators control over their people. And since Schmidt is a Globalist … by definition he has no problem being the Lavrentia Beria for the New World Order.

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