Has? Red Chinese collabrator (CIA) Leon Panetta authorized the Globalist / Marxists … a Wet Works … Hit? (Assassination)

“The Santa Cruz Community Foundation to the Hugh DeLacy Justice Fund”
Commuist espionage agent connected to multiple Communist spy ring /// Perlo / Silvermaster / Ware / Sorge Et. Etc
Hugh DeLacy has been responsible for the lives of likely a 100,00  Americans
Leon Panetta gave (while elected as a Congressman Military and Policy Advice)
The Globalists … Central Banks … their catholic … (meaning universal . not necessarily the Church) … web of control and influence over the USA … using the Council on Foreign Relations … the Deceitful / Evil /

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California / Media / Republican / Democrat Cover-Up

By the 1960s, the Jim Jones Temple liken to the (Resource Center of Non-Violence) had become a political force in San Francisco, turning out busloads of volunteers to walk precincts for favored politicians. Luther King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein, and Chairman Mao in an introduction. That  same year, Walter Mondale met personally with Jim Jones. Panetta is the one who passed along Monica Lewinski to Bill Clinton. Vice President Walter Mondale met with Jim Jones. Gov. Jerry Brown and Willie Brown, who would become the Assembly Speaker and a mayor of San Francisco, appeared at an honorary dinner for pedophile  Jim Jones. Jerry Brown was Mayor and Willie Brown Assembly speaker.

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It is Not About the Virus

It is not about the virus .. it is about long laid plans by a ruling elite. It has been called “Invisible government”, “Shadow Government” the “Deep State”,  “The “Illuminati” the “New World Order” and many other names. Through unperceived network of non-profits, Foundations, “professional government administrators as city, county, and the departments of various states select their employees who have been “given a dose of Globalony” before they are ever hired.
This parallel government has begun a coup a deadly one … that includes massive depopulation. Mandatory ID bio-metric tagging, and the implanted ID … will act like a “Mastercard” … and you will be imprisoned or made inoperative … with predictive crimes when the social engineers … feel your not contributing to the COMMUNITY.
( The Ruler’s realm )

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Catholics Targeted by False Flag … Foundation / Media Colusion

A National Incident was created on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. The multi-national media and Globalists didn’t get away with their FALSE FLAG this time.
Too many good people are using their cell phones and cameras to catch the scams and lies. What was interesting this time. The “controlled Hegelian Right” jumped in with the attacks and (story). Bilderberg Bill Kristol, and the Skull & Bones founded National Review, and others who Shepard their followers and keep their minds penned in. Crossed the line before the ball was “Hiked” and they were caught “Off Sides”.

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