Anthony J. Hilder… Memorial

Anthony J. Hilder’s life came to an end.
Anthony carried the torch of truth from Myron Fagan, Nesta Webster, Dr Anthony Sutton, Charlotte Iserbyt.
His direct challenges, understanding and using multiple ways to get around censorship and staying alive.
Much more will be written.
I suggest you look up several of his You Tubes and his insight with the use of media. Read his Free World Manifesto.

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Gary Richard Arnold Announces Fight Against Panetta

For a third of a Century …
Gary Richard Arnold has been more accurate than any studied professor or Institution, or “so-called Foundation for research”.
Most of the above institutions are merely conduits for Globaloney produced by the Deep State .. controlled by an elite … even those climbing for power and their mentors are subject to immediate elimination.
The Assassination of JFK, the Woodword (secret society) take down of Nixon (CFR) where Bilderberger Gerald Ford appointed Nelson Rockefeller to the position of VP. The shooting of Ronald Reagan and likely induced dementia.
Incumbents and candidates … standing down to protect their very lives like Johnson and Ross known to those with facts.
Do not assume … conclusions from even the very best. Think for yourself.
But Search Out …, Deliberate Dumbing Down by Charlotte Iserbyt, The John Birch Society,, Cliff Kincaid, Anthony J. Hilder, Freedom Advocates, Works by Gaylon Ross .. Who is Who of the Elite. suppressed books by Trineday.
Get your family active … we are at the stage of the Conspiracy’s overt reduction of the World’s population.

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NutraMedical Products / New Freedom Network

Check These Products …
The Right Key
At the Right Time
Could Add to Your Vigor, Health, and Longevity
Dr. Bill Deagle has created an expansive number of outlets … to get people around the “Gatekeepers”. Among the most uncensored news and history available.
Share his TRUTH OUTLETS … And see if any of his products can help you or a loved one.
Look for his “Line Up”.

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Dr Christine Blasey Ford / Fusion GPS / MK-ULTRA

Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s Father was OSS /CIA who’s name was Ralph G. Blasey.
Learn about Manchurian Candidate Lois Lang who killed CIA drug paymaster Nick Deak. Congressman Chuck Schumer behind the desk going through the papers.
Ford’s father and herself teach at Stanford techniques developed by Dr. Frederick T. Melges psychiatric professor.
Christine Ford’s brother Ralph Blasey III worked for Fusion GPS for 15 years (Baker-Hostetler)
Dr. Blasey Ford’s father provides armed protective services for elite / Deep State. (Admiral Security Services)

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Gary Richard Arnold

This site is not only to identify as many political, economic and ideological pieces on this chessboard of the world… but to show one how the various pieces move.

By knowing their origins, funding, sometimes “takeover” and neutralization allows a person striving for freedom to become a player in your own destiny.