KSCO Radio … Stasified … CIA Panetta … Secures Control

The California Central Coast … In Fact the Whole State …has been the visible and documented and archived target of the Communists funded by Wall Street.
The Communists ave always been funded by the Central Bankers.
The “Bankers” benefit by central and state control which only they can manipulate.
Hundred of Thousands across the political spectrum … we continue to be manipulated … by deliberate division.
We are likely to agree on … on many things.
But most of us emote and not think.
To prevent … a World Dictatorship
We need to appreciate the division of powers …
And the value … of the slow process of law …
And our responsibility to educate our young.
National Education … is a Commu-Nazi … system by the Globalists./ UN.
You need to educate your children … or “sell them out “ because you are TOO BUSY.
Clean out … the political parasites of both political parties NOW.
Dump the incumbents … let them know who is boss. Not Washington but YOU!

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American Facade … More BULL!

Three of the finest books to bring people out of their trances.
America’s Retreat From Victory by Senator Joseph McCarthy. It was about the career of George Marshall … two wars to create the foundation of the European Union
The Actor by Alan Stang about the life and times of John Foster Dulles. Founder of the Council on Foreign Relations, picked Alger Hiss to head the Carnegie Foundation and Dean Rusk to promote Communist China after WWII.
The Politician by Robert Welch The story of how Eisenhower was crafted by the Deep State.
In the picture we see Ed Meese … responsible for selecting Globalists to man the Reagan White House … his chief of staff was Mark Levin.
In the middle is Skull & Bones Wm F. Buckley used to displace free enterprise advocates with the Hegelian Right.
Domination of the Heritage Foundation and Hillsdale College … Ed Fuelner who was the treasurer of the Secret Mont Perlin Society that included Walter Lippmann, George Pratt Schultz, etc.
Read the article below and see if your favorite conservative or talk show host has ever informed you.

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Fiona Hill Deep State Mole / Atlantic Council / Pilgrims Society / Name of Whistleblower

Adam Schiff’s Deep State network that encompasses the Sex Trafficking , Pedophilia , Blackmail, Secret Societies is all about World Control and “Intelligence Agencies.
As has been politics. G. Edward Griffin’s Freedom Force sold as a cure to conspiracy … is a cover-up.
Disinformation about American political facts of life and shielding his members from the facts of the participation by Ronald Reagan, the Ripon Society and Main Street Republicans.
Griffin has consistently … rejected his advisor’s warnings that politics is an Intelligence Operation.
It is plain as day that the ongoing impeachment headed by ‘THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE” … with secret society members. And it’s chair and members were funded by the Lavender Lobby. … Ed Buck.
Fiona Hill has worked with Soro … but more important with the Pilgrim Society.
People around the world who want to live as free individuals … need to expose and take apart the Pilgrim Society and the 5th Column Republican Groups mentioned above; READ ON: WWW.News-Expose.org

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If you Liked Earl Warren You Will Love John Roberts

The Supreme Court has been occupied by members from Secret Societies for well over a hundred years. Wm Howard Taft (Skull & Bones) (Felix Frankfurter) Parashim,
Council on Foreign Relations … formed out of Cecil Rhodes and Rothschild funded ”Round Tables networks” has had as many as 4 members out of 9.
Most of the candidates for Judge have been shaped regardless of political party … to conclude with views supporting a One World Government.
John Roberts … as you can see by his grooming is one of those persons. Will he break free … while being a lifetime judge … or will his “training” dictate his decisions.
And how about you and me. We have to overcome years of propaganda one to see the truth and 2 … to have the courage to honor the truth.
Learn here about John Robert’s … ROOTS

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Peeling Back The Deep State

Well Meaning people adopt non-analyzed “strategic beliefs” (goals) presented by schools / media / family …
They have never heard about Secret Societies that wield tremendous power just out of sight.
The Seven Society, Dagger & Quill are described even in the globalist controlled Wikipedia as replicas of the Illuminati Brotherhood of Death (Skull & Bones).
They carry out the goals reported from the Report From Iron Mountain, Club of Rome and the Georgia Guidestone Protocols.
The absolute ignorance by the American people of foundations and history of the Council on Foreign Relations … B / T / ipso facto … renders individuals incapable of discussing the world.

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