Dr. Christine Blasey Ford / Apparachik of the Deep State

The “Insiders” … “Conspiracy” … “Skull & Bones” … “Deep State” … “Central Banks” … make a huge mistake …
Re-Focusing on Blasey Ford. For thinking reasonable people will find in their research decades of Deep State Dirty Tricks and False Flags.
It … is of absolute urgency … Life & Death .. of the Republic …
to go all out to end … the UN / World Bank / U.S. Government from financing COGS Councils of Government.
These are UN / World Bank funded (Soviets covering every city, town and county in the U.S.
Trump supporters who believe in National Sovereignty … need to act locally … and get rid of the Deep State Republican belonging to the Ripon Society and Main Street Republicans.
Search: WWW. News-Expose.org for accurate information.

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Dr Christine Blasey Ford and Family

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was born into a Deep State Family.
She has a 2nd home in Panattastan … the Communist Seaside Villages …
Policed under a “Soviet” called AMBAG … Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments.
built by the “Underground Communist Party and the Trilateralists”.
Financed through “Deep State” foundations runs a massive lobby …
called California Forward.

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Gary Richard Arnold

This site is not only to identify as many political, economic and ideological pieces on this chessboard of the world… but to show one how the various pieces move.

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