CIA / Phony Republicans – Mainstream Republicans

CIA / Phony Republicans … Mainstream RepublicansCIA / Phony Republicans … Mainstream Republicans
Founders of Globalist Big Government Moderate Republicans are related to Skull & Bones. These pretenders or conned Candidates are Bound by the Beltway.
Mainstream Republicans … sounds like something to shrink the prostrate.
They ignore the Constitution and answer to “K Street” , Embassy Row, the Foundations and the Chamber of Commerce.
Don’t you be fooled.
Let them know you know! Read ON!

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It’s Not About Mickey Anymore! ABCs / Deep State

Know your ABCs
ABC it’s past and present chairman have been controlled of the part of the Globalist cabal.
Bob Iger ABC/Disney is is just one person of a gaggle in a long series of “apparatchiks”that govern the content of media outlets.
The propaganda affects our thoughts, behavior, and lives of ourselves and children.
Their goal of world government … but increments … is threatened by the Internet.
Severe censorship and physical detrimental results are being acted on threats are now common.

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G. Edward Griffin … Why Not the Truth

I’ve been selling G. Edward Griffin’s books since the 1966.
Showing his films a hundred times.. Check out Anarchy USA … Free Download.;_ylt=Awr9IlADusNdy10ACg1pCWVH;_ylu=X3oDMTB0NjZjZzZhBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?q=anarchy+usa+movie+griffin&s_it=searchtabs&v_t=loki-tb-sb#id=5&vid=85f41f7076940f23c6e20d2bd38c0874&action=view
We all have different takes of the World as we see it.
Ronald Reagan was a life time apparatchik. Read The Politician as a break from the World Government propaganda “line”. Free Download !

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Deep State “killer” … Ed Buck … Exposed 30 Years Ago

Picture to the Left is Adam Schiff (Conspirator) / Ed Buck (Murder?) and Eric C. Bauman (Rape?)
The Child Trafficking and seduction is one of the oldest arts of State Craft.
It is not only in the “Beltway” of Washington D.C.
Many candidates … are jockeyed into place after being seduced very young not only in movies … Churches like Jim Jones, or casting couches of in Hollywood, but most Universities.
Internships by huge tax exempt foundations are a favorite recruiting ground for going beyond consent.
The 9 page The Lavender Lobby .shows a mix of underground Communists, Trilateralists, and an assortment of power groups coordinated to impeach a Governor.
Of Course we see that today with the president.

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Elihu … “Root” of the Problem

The direct descendant of Alphonso Taft ( a founder of Skull & Bones and Grant’s Secretary of War) is William Howard Taft was deeply involved in Conspiracy … ..
William Howard Taft was “governor of the “New American Empire” of both Cuba and the Philippines.
Seen in this picture with Elihu Root a key founder of the Council on Foreign Relations.
This is about one review the the New American really got wrong.
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