How the West Stolen by the Conspiracy

Bilderberger Biden Orders Blinken to Have UN Mop Up USA

Bilderberger Biden has all the NWOs ... king's horses and all the Kings men in a rush to abolish America. Including "Tracking" and Priority Medicine (Culling). The UN, The Lobbyists/ Multi-Nationals, The Blackmailers (from Jim Jones / Jeffery Epstein / Maxwell / Ed...

Sam Farr Communist Cuba advocate / Advocated UN Soviets / COG / Council of Governments

Congressman Sam Farr a long time asset of the Panetta Machine.  Panetta has given military and policy information to Red Chinese Espionage agent and is still honored on Santa Cruz, California Court House Steps.

Kevin McCarthy Back Stabs Trump

Politics are Intelligence Opererations. Psy war on all minds .

Red China / Secret Societies

Globalist Secret Society Eric Swalwell / Red California Red China Network Rep. Eric Swalwell spoke at an event in 2013 along with a former staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein who is said to have spied for the Chinese government … Russell Lowe as recent speaker at the...

Vaccinated Kids Have 470% More Autism

Vaccinations ... can be deadly and crippling . Families should make it a project to build up their immune systems.

Contact CIA is the Enforcement Arm of the CFR – America’s Illuminati

  Attorney Leon Panetta is eminently qualified to head the Central Intelligence Agency. Who better than Panetta would be better qualified to sell out our sovereignty and surrender  the United States of America to World Government? Leon Panetta’s life has been...

Has? Red Chinese collabrator (CIA) Leon Panetta authorized the Globalist / Marxists … a Wet Works … Hit? (Assassination)

“The Santa Cruz Community Foundation to the Hugh DeLacy Justice Fund” Commuist espionage agent connected to multiple Communist spy ring /// Perlo / Silvermaster / Ware / Sorge Et. Etc Hugh DeLacy has been responsible for the lives of likely a 100,00  Americans Leon...