Dr. Christine Blasey Ford / Apparachik of the Deep State

The “Insiders” … “Conspiracy” … “Skull & Bones” … “Deep State” … “Central Banks” … make a huge mistake …
Re-Focusing on Blasey Ford. For thinking reasonable people will find in their research decades of Deep State Dirty Tricks and False Flags.
It … is of absolute urgency … Life & Death .. of the Republic …
to go all out to end … the UN / World Bank / U.S. Government from financing COGS Councils of Government.
These are UN / World Bank funded (Soviets covering every city, town and county in the U.S.
Trump supporters who believe in National Sovereignty … need to act locally … and get rid of the Deep State Republican belonging to the Ripon Society and Main Street Republicans.
Search: WWW. News-Expose.org for accurate information.

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McCain Plotter in Presidential Coup

CFR John McCain had 25 years as head of the International Republican Institute decades of “coup” and “propaganda” experience. The IRI was set up by United World Federalist Ronald Reagan to interfere in independent nations to make them conform to the New World Order.
McCain appears to have conspired with Sergei Millian head of the Russian American Chamber of Commerce to propagate … the Clinton funded “Dossier” and set up Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos said that Sergei was was portrayed as working for the FBI.
There is a Fifth Column well advanced within the Republican Party.
The article … after hitting the Hyperlink … names … guilty and the dupes.
It is your job to get the individuals names listed to reject those associations. OR GET SOMEONE TO RUN AGAINST THEM.
Your Freedom is up to you.

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Have the Captives Been Conned?

The multitude of actions by Reagan / Bush during his first two years in the White House to serve the Globalists and Communist nation number in the hundreds.
There were 10 Republican and 8 Democratic Congressmen including Barry Goldwater Jr. and Jack Kemp who signed a letter or Reagan’s reversals from his speeches in Foreign Policy.
Reproduced is a photo of Dr Armand Hammer (Soviet Spy) on on his desk i a picture of Lenin with an autographed photo, Communist Tito, Soviet leader Brezhnev, and partially showing a picture of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.
Cord Meyer (Secret Society was Reagan’s handler

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CIA / ECLEI / Deep State Source / Coup D ‘ ETAT

Soviets know as COGS Councils of Government … are “mature” in many places across the U.S.
So much so … that arrogant participants in position are bragging to their friends.
A separate Chinese Communist assisted new nation called Pacifica is to be ripped from the Western part of the Country.
The cross between … The Manchurian Candidate and the Boys From Brazil have been Stasied and Tavistocked.
Shielded by the lethal press … the Obama / Brennan / Panetta ears

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Covington Students Might As Well Have Just Spit On the Cross

Globalists trying to spark violence.
We find that the counterfeit right … has assigned the Globalist’s failure to cause fuel for revolution on the … “isolated Nathan Phillips.
There is no mention of the Rockefeller Brother’s Foundation or the Bill & Melinda gates Foundation or Santa Cruz’s Marxist Panetta Machine comrade the Romero Institute.
This coordinated … attack on Christians designed to go Nationwide … was halted by individuals with camera’s … exposing the lying media.
But more important … we caught … the traitors on the “RIGHT”.
The Bill Kristol network from the Weekly Standard. and the Skull & Bones crowd from National Review that also “controls” Hillsdale College and their Neo-Con propagandists.

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