Have the Captives Been Conned?

The multitude of actions by Reagan / Bush during his first two years in the White House to serve the Globalists and Communist nation number in the hundreds.
There were 10 Republican and 8 Democratic Congressmen including Barry Goldwater Jr. and Jack Kemp who signed a letter or Reagan’s reversals from his speeches in Foreign Policy.
Reproduced is a photo of Dr Armand Hammer (Soviet Spy) on on his desk i a picture of Lenin with an autographed photo, Communist Tito, Soviet leader Brezhnev, and partially showing a picture of Ronald and Nancy Reagan.
Cord Meyer (Secret Society was Reagan’s handler

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CIA / ECLEI / Deep State Source / Coup D ‘ ETAT

Soviets know as COGS Councils of Government … are “mature” in many places across the U.S.
So much so … that arrogant participants in position are bragging to their friends.
A separate Chinese Communist assisted new nation called Pacifica is to be ripped from the Western part of the Country.
The cross between … The Manchurian Candidate and the Boys From Brazil have been Stasied and Tavistocked.
Shielded by the lethal press … the Obama / Brennan / Panetta ears

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Covington Students Might As Well Have Just Spit On the Cross

Globalists trying to spark violence.
We find that the counterfeit right … has assigned the Globalist’s failure to cause fuel for revolution on the … “isolated Nathan Phillips.
There is no mention of the Rockefeller Brother’s Foundation or the Bill & Melinda gates Foundation or Santa Cruz’s Marxist Panetta Machine comrade the Romero Institute.
This coordinated … attack on Christians designed to go Nationwide … was halted by individuals with camera’s … exposing the lying media.
But more important … we caught … the traitors on the “RIGHT”.
The Bill Kristol network from the Weekly Standard. and the Skull & Bones crowd from National Review that also “controls” Hillsdale College and their Neo-Con propagandists.

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Active American Coup D’Etat / Civil War / Western States

National and Local Governments are operating from orders of the Globalists.
The World Bank and the United Nations … operate in virtually every community under various facades … using the network ICLEI.
COGS … Councils of Government are in fact a systematic quilt of Soviets spread across the Country … and World.
The myriad of Foundations, Academia, and NGO ‘s have been brainwashing and bribing leaders throughout communications, churches, service clubs and stealthy by intelligence Operations like Google / Facebook NextDoor .
Censorship is extreme.
In the data provided … one must know … Jessup and Brugmann … were instrumentalist in creating the Soviets.
The Globalists fired the first shots … the deadly war is on. Expose and Challenge . Without a border you have no sovereignty. Take the liars on.
It’s the fight of you life.

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