Catholics Targeted by False Flag … Foundation / Media Colusion

A National Incident was created on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. The multi-national media and Globalists didn’t get away with their FALSE FLAG this time.
Too many good people are using their cell phones and cameras to catch the scams and lies. What was interesting this time. The “controlled Hegelian Right” jumped in with the attacks and (story). Bilderberg Bill Kristol, and the Skull & Bones founded National Review, and others who Shepard their followers and keep their minds penned in. Crossed the line before the ball was “Hiked” and they were caught “Off Sides”.

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Fiona Hill Deep State Mole / Atlantic Council / Pilgrims Society / Name of Whistleblower

Adam Schiff’s Deep State network that encompasses the Sex Trafficking , Pedophilia , Blackmail, Secret Societies is all about World Control and “Intelligence Agencies.
As has been politics. G. Edward Griffin’s Freedom Force sold as a cure to conspiracy … is a cover-up.
Disinformation about American political facts of life and shielding his members from the facts of the participation by Ronald Reagan, the Ripon Society and Main Street Republicans.
Griffin has consistently … rejected his advisor’s warnings that politics is an Intelligence Operation.
It is plain as day that the ongoing impeachment headed by ‘THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE” … with secret society members. And it’s chair and members were funded by the Lavender Lobby. … Ed Buck.
Fiona Hill has worked with Soro … but more important with the Pilgrim Society.
People around the world who want to live as free individuals … need to expose and take apart the Pilgrim Society and the 5th Column Republican Groups mentioned above; READ ON:

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It’s Not About Mickey Anymore! ABCs / Deep State

Know your ABCs
ABC it’s past and present chairman have been controlled of the part of the Globalist cabal.
Bob Iger ABC/Disney is is just one person of a gaggle in a long series of “apparatchiks”that govern the content of media outlets.
The propaganda affects our thoughts, behavior, and lives of ourselves and children.
Their goal of world government … but increments … is threatened by the Internet.
Severe censorship and physical detrimental results are being acted on threats are now common.

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Globalist Behind Greta Thunberg

Massive Staged … MK-Ultra-ed child used by Globalist.
The Eye of Horus
The Eye on the pyramid
The Masonic Eye
Cover page of VI … Greta’s mother Malena Ernman
“We sell out souls to the devil”
Soros, Gates, Bono, and Sven O. Persson’s billions.
One Campaign …
The Campaign for Global Warming is “Satanic”

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